Wades 3D Extruder Assembly Guide

This guide will walk you through, step by step, the process required to build a Wades 3D extruder.  The specific extruder design used during this tutorial is listed as a modified Greg’s Wade Reloaded and is available on Thingiverse at http://www.thingiverse.com/thing:27054.

The Wade’s Extruder design is a popular choice among the RepRap community with quite a number of derivatives of which this is one. It has the accessible hinged idler and this particular model is designed to fit J-Head hot ends and 3mm filament.

If you have purchased your extruder rather than printing it as an upgrade then what you have received will depend greatly on where you purchased it from.

A fully assembled Wade's 3D extruder

The full list of required hardware, both printed parts and vitamins, is as follows.

1x Wade's 3D Extruder Body

1x Printed
Extruder Body

1x Wade's 3D Extruder Hinged Idler

1x Printed

1x Wade's 3D Extruder Large Gear

1x Printed
Large Gear

1x Wade's 3D Extruder Small Gear

1x Printed
Small Gear

1x Wade's 3D Extruder Bearing Spacer

1x Printed
Bearing Spacer

1x M3 Grub Screw

1x M3
Grub Screw

3x M3 12mm Hex Drive Bolts

3x M3 12mm
Hex Drive Bolts

3x M3 25mm Hex Drive Bolts

3x M3 25mm
Hex Drive Bolts

2x M4 20mm Hex Head Bolts

2x M4 20mm
Hex Head Bolts

2x M4 50mm Hex Head Bolts

2x M4 50mm
Hex Head Bolts

1x M8 60mm Hobbed Bolt

1x M8 60mm
Hobbed Bolt

2x M3 Standard Nuts

2x M3
Standard Nuts

2x M4 Standard Nuts

2x M4
Standard Nuts

2x M4 Wing Nuts

2x M4
Wing Nuts

1x M8 Nyloc Nut

1x M8
Nyloc Nut

6x M3 Star Washer

6x M3
Star Washer

15x M3 Standard Washers

15x M3
Standard Washers

6x M4 Standard Washers

6x M4
Standard Washers

1x M8 Standard Washer

1x M8
Standard Washer

3x 608 Bearings

3x 608

1x M8 Nylon Thread

1x M8
Nylon Thread

2x Springs

2x Springs



To start assembling your extruder locate the extruder body and the 2x M4 Nuts.


Why start here? Inserting the two M4 Nuts into the extruder is one of the trickiest operations required. Rather than you waste an hour with the rest of the build only to get to this point and find out the worst has happened, that you have damaged your extruder body, we get this out the way first.

Insert each of the nuts into the top nut recesses of the extruder body.

Take care and make sure that the flats of the nut are parallel with the sides of the nut recess.

If required, use a soldering iron to gently heat the nut whilst pushing it into the nut recess. Please do not try to force the nut in as this is where bad things will happen and you risk splitting the extruder body.

Once the nuts are correctly installed it should look like this.

Next, collect together the parts required to build the idler assembly. You will need 1x Printed Idler, 1x M3 Standard Nut, 1x M3 Star Washer, 1x M3 Standard Washer, 1x M3 25mm Bolt, 1x M8 Nylon Thread and 1x 608 Bearing.

Put the M8 Nylon Thread through the center of the 608 bearing and gently insert it into the middle of the idler.

Align the nylon thread so it sits centered in the idler body.

Push the bearing / nylon thread firmly into the idler, it should ‘click’ in. When fully seated there should only be a small amount of nylon thread above the side of the idler

If you turn it over you should also notice that the bearing is slightly proud of the surface.

If you look at the hinge section of the Printed Idler you will see that one side has a hex recess for a nut in it (If you have purchased the ‘reversed’ version for a Mendel 90 then this will be the other side than the one shown in the picture).

Now take the nut and place it into the recess.

Take the 25mm M3 Bolt and place the star washer on first, then the standard washer on second. Now gently screw the bolt into the nut in the idler recess. Do not screw it in all the way but as per the picture below.

Offer up the completed idler assembly to the extruder body..

Place the idler hinge arms around the hinge on the extruder body and start to tighten the bolt. There should be very little resistance when tightening the bolt, should you feel that it is getting harder to install then please unscrew and check / try again..

Tighten the bolt all the way in. The bolt does not have to be very tight, just enough to stop it coming un-done. You may feel a little sideways slop when the screw is tightened, this is NORMAL.

Now collect together the 2x M4 50mm Bolts, 4x M4 Standard Washers and the 2x springs.

If you look carefully at the washers you will notice that one side is flat (on the left in the picture) and one side is rounded (on the right in the picture).

Take the M4 bolt, add one washer (rounded side first), then the spring, then the second washer (again rounded side first).

Screw this bolt into one of the M4 nuts which was installed in step 1.

Now repeat with the second M4 50mm bolt.

Collect together the parts for the hobbed bolt. 1x M8 Hobbed Bolt, 1x M8 Nyloc Nut, 1x M8 Standard Washer, 2x 608 Bearings, 1x Large Gear, 1x Bearing Spacer and, if you have our kit, 1x M8 spacer. If you did not buy our kit then you will need about 4 or 5 more M8 standard washers.

Place the large gear onto the M8 hobbed bolt so that the head of the bolt sits flush in its recess.

Turn it over and lay it flat on the workbench. Install the M8 spacer or 4-5 M8 washers.

Then install one of the 608 bearings.

Get the extruder assembly and the printed bearing spacer.

Install the bearing spacer into the bearing recess of the extruder body.

Now offer the extruder assembly to the hobbed bolt assembly.

Once through fit the last 608 bearing, the M8 standard washer and the M8 nyloc nut. Please note that there is no bearing spacer on this side.

Now tighten up the M8 Nyloc Nut. Again care should be taken as over tightening this can cause damage to the extruder. It should be tight enough to turn freely without being sloppy. There should be minimal, if any, sideways movement.

Check and make sure that the hobbing of the hobbed bolt lines up with the filament guide in the extruder body. If it does not then you will need to adjust the hobbed bolt until it does. If you have ordered a complete kit from Phenom Networks then your hobbed bolt will have been measured and tailored for the extruder supplied.

You can now close the idler and move the M4 bolts / springs to hold it closed.

Now get your hot end (not supplied as part of our kit) the remaining 2x M3 25mm bolts, 2x M3 star washers and 2x M3 standard washers.

Install the washers to both bolts as before ( Bolt / Star Washer / Standard Washer ) and offer them up to the extruder body.

Screw them both in until the end of the thread is just seen in the hot end opening.

If you get to a point where it looks like below then you have gone to far, back them off before proceeding.

Push the hot end firmly into the extruder body and align it squarely.

Start to tighten one of the bolts but do not screw it all the way in, maybe 5mm.

Alternate the tightening of the bolts until they are installed and the hot end is held firmly.

Get the 2x M4 20mm bolts, 2x M4 Standard Washers and 2x M4 Wing Nuts.

Install the two bolts through the holes in the base of the extruder body. Place the washers and wing nut somewhere safe until you come to install the extruder onto your x carriage.

Now get the last parts together. 3x M3 12mm Bolts, 3x M3 Star Washers, 12x M3 Standard Washers, 1x M3 Nut, 1x M3 8mm Grub Screw and the Printed Small Gear.

As with the two M4 nuts and the extruder body, install the M3 nut into the recess of the small gear. Again if required you can use a soldering iron to heat the nut up as you gently push.

Make sure than the nut sits squarely in the recess.

Then insert the grub screw.

The small gear can be a very tight fit onto the stepper motor shaft. In order to ease the installation we suggest the use of a vice or g-clamp, though any screw based clamping device should work. Please excuse the hand drawn illustration but we do not have a spare stepper motor here at the moment to photograph. Just make sure that the flat of you motor shaft (if your motor has one) is lined up with the grub screw.

Take the 3x M3 12mm Bolts and as before install a star washer and standard washer on each one..

Due to differences in shaft design of NEMA17 stepper motors we have included extra M3 Standard Washers in the kit. It may be required, to obtain the correct gear meshing, to shim the stepper motor when installing it onto the extruder body. Again please excuse the hand drawn diagram but this is, in our opinion, the best way to illustrate the point.

We hope you have found this guide both useful and accurate. If this guide has been helpful and you feel so inclined, show your appreciation with a Like, Tweet, LinkedIn Share or Google +1. Thanks in advance.

If you have any questions or comments then we would love to hear them. Please contact us on 3dprinterparts@phenom-networks.com