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Windows 8 Release Preview

Microsoft have just released the most up-to-date preview of their latest operating system – Windows 8.

Microsoft call Windows 8 “the most important interface redisgn since Windows 95” and have made tens of thousands of improvements since the “customer preview” release.

Customers can again download the preview release of Windows 8, which Microsoft have touted as it’s most tested operating system ever with this latest release containing features not available  in the “customer preview” version.  New features include News, Sports and Bing search as well as improvements to the photo and mail applications released previously.

It is expected to be available for purchase in the autumn, over three years after Windows 7.

Adopting the “Metro” interface from Windows Phone 7, the Microsoft mobile operating system, Windows 8 is designed to bring Microsoft’s operating systems into the era of the touchscreen and smartphone.  Whilst Windows still dominates the PC operating system market it has not made a huge impact on mobile devices.

Internet Explorer 10, the latest version of Microsoft’s browser which is optimised for touchscreens is also included and promises greater control over privacy and personalisation of the start screen.  It will also include, for the first time in a Microsoft browser, “do not track” enabled by default making it even easier for user to opt out of accepting cookies.

A post on Brendon Lynch’s blog, the Chief Privacy Officer at Microsoft stated “In a world where consumers live a large part of their lives online, it is critical that we build trust that their personal information will be treated with respect, and that they will be given a choice to have their information used for unexpected purposes.”