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Are you a LinkedIn user?

Following recent reports of hacking of the LinkedIn social network, technology experts are once again recommending users of the site change their passwords.  This new advice comes after hackers posted a file online containing the encrypted passwords of users of the site.

Users should consider changing their LinkedIn passwords again, even if they changed them in the last few days as hackers may have their new details.  Also users should consider changing the passwords to other internet sites, not just LinkedIn.

As most users do not have different passwords for each internet account they setup they should also consider changing their passwords for email, online banking, other social networks, in fact any other online service which uses the same or very similar passwords.

LinkedIn has confirmed that some of its members passwords have been “compromised” after reports that over six million passwords had been leaked onto a Russian web forum.  Inviting the hacking community to help with the decryption.

Privacy Problems

LinkedIn has also been forced to update its mobile application after a privacy flaw was discovered by a security research company.

Skycure Security stated that the mobile app was sending unencrypted calendar entries to LinkedIn servers without users’ knowledge.

The data transmitted included meeting notes, which often contains information such as dial in numbers and passcodes for conference calls.

In a response LinkedIn said it would “no longer send data from the ‘meeting notes’ section of your calendar”.  They also stressed that the calendar fuction was an opt-in feature.

However, Skycure said the transmission of the data to LinkedIn’s servers took place without a clear indication from the app to the user.

In a statement posted on the company’s blog, LinkedIn’s mobile product head Joff Redfern stated a new “learn more” link would be added to the mobile app so users can be better informed about how their information is being used and transmitted.


What to do

Here’s how to change your LinkedIn password:

Visit and log-in with your details.

Once logged-in, hover the mouse cursor over your name in the top right-hand corner of the screen and select ‘Settings’ from the menu.

You may be asked to log-in once again at this point, this is normal.

On the next screen, click the ‘Account’ button which is located near the end of the page.

Under the ‘Email & Password’ heading you will find a link to change your password.

If you use the same password on other sites be sure to change those too…