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Broadband Shopper Tests


Tests recently conducted by Ofcom have indicated that UK broadband providers are failing to tell customers about broadband speeds.

Agreements were made last year by providers to better inform new customers and whilst some are up front about the speed that users should expect, other were not.

BT and TalkTalk are among the worst. In less than 50% of cases users were offered a speed test without prompting whereas those who were more likely to give users an estimated speed were Plusnet (67%), Sky (72%) and Karoo (76%).

It has been known for some time that there is a big disparity between the advertised and actual speeds a customer will receive. Something we know from first hand experience.

The often touted and very misleading use of the term “Speeds up to….” in broadband advertising, when few will actually achieve this maximum throughput, unless they happen to live next door to the exchange.

In an agreement with Ofcom in July 2011, ISPs agreed to offer customers maximum speed estimates as early in the sales process as possible.

Now, after the Ofcom mystery shopper tests, both BT and TalkTalk have agreed to change their processes.

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